Hello, and welcome. WALKZ . COM is an English based web page dedicated to the walkers of the world. We hope to entertain, inform, and help you in our mutual interests. also runs group walks for all abilities in all areas and terrains. Rpy Layton The site is run by Roy Layton who is a British Mountaineering Council accredited mountain walks guide. Roy is an ex art teacher who now leads walks regularly on a commercial and charitable basis. He advises 'Respect Mother Nature.' He is available as a walk guide for individuals or groups. He is also available to act as your UK agent for any other matters.

Should you be planning a visit to the UK, please feel free to contact Roy Layton with any questions you may have. He offers independent non commercial advice on all areas of walking in the UK.  Contact details are available via the main site page or click HERE to e-mail him.

The main sites windows consist of 15 navigational option pictures in a grid pattern. They are usually labeled and we hope that they are self explanatory. The WALKZ logo, which is usually at the bottom right of the grid will return you to the main menu. There it is  below. Give it a try now to go to the start page, and remember, we want to help, get in touch.